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Reply 1236 2019-04-22 18:48:50 UTC

t. Michelle Rosary

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Reply 1223 2019-04-22 04:32:11 UTC

Solar-Powered Sodomy-Chambers

Reply 1234 2019-04-22 15:48:05 UTC

do you want to know why the call me the cumman

Reply 926 2019-03-16 06:03:37 UTC

stay away from the light

Reply 1233 2019-04-22 15:46:00 UTC

.Travel While You Sleep.

Reply 1160 2019-04-16 16:16:58 UTC

born just in time to become a rat on the wired

Reply 1168 2019-04-16 22:15:02 UTC

Or a wire in the rat
metal skeletal rat

Reply 1217 2019-04-21 14:03:36 UTC

or a disappointment

Reply 1022 2019-03-25 20:17:28 UTC

born just in time to be a complete weirdo

Reply 1018 2019-03-25 16:20:51 UTC

literally me

Reply 1222 2019-04-21 19:26:22 UTC

all me

Reply 1041 2019-03-29 11:20:47 UTC

This comment aged really poorly

Reply 1049 2019-03-30 16:33:54 UTC

in my cunts biggest news sites comment sections everyone is universally praising nz shooter whenever there's an article about him

Reply 1051 2019-03-30 19:47:03 UTC

uh-oh edgy comments. looks like the government needs even more draconian powers, what a shame.

Reply 1064 2019-04-01 15:21:19 UTC

Shut up.
I'm a 6th-generation Holocaust-survivor, you cannot tell me how to behave.

Reply 1065 2019-04-01 17:25:53 UTC

I'm a 20th generation Pokemon.
nazis should definitely be unalived tbh

Reply 1070 2019-04-02 04:56:54 UTC

Does believing immigration policies of most Western European countries are incredibly destructive makes me a nazi in terms of today? I don't want to be unlived, unless it makes me a cool spooky ghost.

Reply 1081 2019-04-02 18:10:10 UTC

You're not a nazi unless you think immigrants are poo poo heads and do edgy stuff like race realism
If you don't like immigration you aight

Reply 1086 2019-04-02 18:54:43 UTC

For a short while I've had first-hand experience with being robbed by Arab immigrants in a Scandinavian country, who are there leeching on local welfare system and hanging around places to scam unsuspecting locals or tourists, basically as low-level gopniks, seen them randomly harrasing local pedestrians and selling drugs and and worked on IT project for influential mafioznik who has established himself as an "honest" and "politically progressive" owner of multiple businesses, all in a normally peaceful and civilized white-folks city. I can pretend to have entirely 'level-headed' attitude towards them immigrants, when it seems more like aggressive, invasive force that has no mercy for those welcoming them.

Reply 1087 2019-04-02 20:47:02 UTC

that's just cus scandinavian countries are cucked attract obvious trash. half these people are Arab rejects who watch cool stuff about le west on TV and are like 'I wanna to be a degenerate lelele' and default dance through the immigration system.

if you look at countries like Russia who have plenty of immigration they're ok, because their culture isn't utterly clapped beyond belief.

Reply 1053 2019-03-31 01:32:20 UTC

In my cunt I have warts

Reply 1042 2019-03-29 18:15:57 UTC

shilling rich but pound poor

Reply 1043 2019-03-29 19:49:31 UTC


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Тук-тук 屁多日

Reply 1232 2019-04-22 15:41:05 UTC

bob pop goes the weasel
bobbys my best friend
and I'm the best dressed

Reply 1229 2019-04-22 13:05:10 UTC

What is the newest thing I'm supposed to have an opinion on?

Reply 1230 2019-04-22 15:02:18 UTC

The Mueller Corner Report
The toffee circle ones are the best ones

Reply 892 2019-03-12 00:28:23 UTC

🐢 turtles all the way down 🐢

Reply 900 2019-03-12 15:00:11 UTC

wow this post is stupid
lower your browser width to see what i'm talking about..

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Is anyone going to answer that guy's question about why Yespacito exists?

Reply 953 2019-03-19 16:41:11 UTC

this post was mathmatically determined to be too fucking stupid

Reply 954 2019-03-19 17:06:03 UTC

Show your work

Reply 1012 2019-03-25 05:09:37 UTC

welcome to the void

Reply 1039 2019-03-29 00:58:39 UTC

Not as void-y as I was expecting

Reply 1055 2019-03-31 12:50:52 UTC

You get used to it. It's alright.

Reply 1057 2019-03-31 13:05:19 UTC

See, that's what I like about this void. I keep getting deeper and it stays just as empty.

Reply 1058 2019-03-31 15:34:10 UTC

Only basic Auroraic standards, such as souls, the Representative, anchors and communications, are loaded with linked Aurora yet.

Reply 1061 2019-04-01 05:11:47 UTC

All your base are belong to us

Reply 1062 2019-04-01 05:13:06 UTC


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Reply 1069 2019-04-02 02:42:30 UTC

ghelp my screeen not big enougfh to READ the VOID

Reply 1083 2019-04-02 18:13:20 UTC

git gud

Reply 1094 2019-04-04 01:35:30 UTC

git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

The most similar command is

Reply 1095 2019-04-04 11:27:12 UTC

Imagine using git with a gui

Reply 1098 2019-04-04 13:33:22 UTC

don't look please!

Reply 1100 2019-04-04 17:59:36 UTC

Terrorist Data

Reply 1101 2019-04-04 18:00:20 UTC

Message me on Facebook

Reply 1102 2019-04-04 20:41:34 UTC

Buh facebook is a terrorist organisation

Reply 1127 2019-04-09 15:24:45 UTC

We use our proactive game changers to proactively manage our proposition expectations. Conservatively integrating iteratively competitive visibilities is crucial to our value-added agile workflow. Change the way you do business - adopt mission critical big datas. Our brand development lifecycle enables best-in-class, knowledge transfer architectures.

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I touch my pp to make it hard

Reply 1130 2019-04-10 19:44:05 UTC

I touch hard to make my pp

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menstrual man
menopause man

Reply 1147 2019-04-13 17:53:50 UTC


Reply 1159 2019-04-16 16:14:45 UTC

the further down we go the closer we are to enlightenment
Look! I can see it, the event horizon of the wired.

Reply 1175 2019-04-17 21:51:41 UTC

hope I never escape

Reply 1181 2019-04-19 05:46:09 UTC

how hasn't the parent fallen off yet?
this thread is an inside uranus job

Reply 1184 2019-04-19 15:52:27 UTC

post_to_delete = Post.first("ORDER BY updated_at ASC")
Apparently it's cus I'm retarded lol

Reply 1185 2019-04-19 16:29:30 UTC

Ok it should be good now

Reply 1186 2019-04-19 21:00:17 UTC

Oh shit does this mean the pyramid can't get any deeper because every time we post something new another post gets knocked off?

Reply 1188 2019-04-19 22:39:04 UTC

This is the end game.

Reply 1191 2019-04-20 02:03:36 UTC

It can still get bigger if we fill literally every post in ratwires with just posts in the pyramid.

Reply 1197 2019-04-20 11:16:27 UTC

Interesting idea, lets see how it pans out

Reply 1182 2019-04-19 12:05:36 UTC

Maybe it has to do with thread activity with 4chan

Reply 1183 2019-04-19 12:05:57 UTC

like 4chan

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<img src="">

Reply 1228 2019-04-22 12:22:56 UTC

get off my myspacepage

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Reply 1221 2019-04-21 19:19:23 UTC

Murder rates in Chicago are very high.

Reply 1226 2019-04-22 11:01:15 UTC

it would be cool to crowdfund a new project building and fill it with pygmies, as a social experiment

Reply 1224 2019-04-22 04:59:06 UTC

A friend of mine once told me my behavior and antics are 'socially unacceptable'.

Reply 1225 2019-04-22 10:58:57 UTC

same but sharpest tool in the shed

Reply 1079 2019-04-02 17:56:46 UTC

John McCain

Reply 1080 2019-04-02 18:07:19 UTC

In my brain

Reply 1015 2019-03-25 05:20:23 UTC

hhh hhh /hhh/ @hhh@

Reply 1201 2019-04-20 16:15:17 UTC


Reply 1219 2019-04-21 17:46:55 UTC

Dirty knees
What are these

Reply 1016 2019-03-25 12:01:52 UTC

lole i found this site on 9gag! how do i register an account

Reply 1023 2019-03-25 20:18:44 UTC

If this isn't a joke I will shut this site down then pay for an uber off a cliff

Reply 1194 2019-04-20 08:27:07 UTC

you should do it anyway

Reply 1202 2019-04-20 17:50:50 UTC

I already tried and Stallman just murdered my family in their sleep after I downloaded Uber

Reply 1024 2019-03-25 21:52:42 UTC

Can I go pee

Reply 1025 2019-03-26 02:32:10 UTC

i dunno, can you?

Reply 1026 2019-03-26 18:51:31 UTC

I think so...

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Reply 1125 2019-04-09 12:00:35 UTC

baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

Reply 1136 2019-04-12 08:13:47 UTC


Reply 1142 2019-04-13 15:16:18 UTC

BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff....quite pungent that....dare I say....sssssssnniff...eggs I smell?......sniff sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff....quite pungent eggs yes very much so .....ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....cheese.....quite wet my dear....sniff...but of yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now.... BBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPFFFFFF Oh yes...very good!....very sloppy and wet my that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?...hmmmm.....let me.....let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling.......hmmmmm....hmm..yes....that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear....ah yes....let me guess...curry for dinner?....oh quite right I am....aren't I?....ok....time for sniff.....sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff.....hmmm...hhhmmmmm I see...yes....yes indeed as well curry......hmmm....that fragrance is quite noticeable....yes.....onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?.....hmmmmm....yes quite..... BBBBBBRRRRRRRRPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….ssssnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffff….yes

Reply 1207 2019-04-21 03:21:51 UTC

The most interesting thing to come out of this article is how they use it to describe the brains of our brains. They seem to have the capability to make the connections to these beasts into systems that are capable of processing them.

As a side note, I have to remind others of the first book I read. "How to Train Your Brain" is a pretty good book and I recommend it.

Reply 1209 2019-04-21 03:28:11 UTC

The main problem with the web is that it can't really handle the complexity of the content on your homepage. It really doesn't have that complexity of a complex web.

Reply 1211 2019-04-21 03:33:05 UTC

One of the more interesting parts of this problem that I know about is the idea of making the Internet a web site. It's not about the content, it's just what it is. The web, however, makes things look more like a website in the way you see them.

Reply 1216 2019-04-21 11:04:52 UTC

this post gave me big brain

Reply 1210 2019-04-21 03:30:27 UTC

I guess this is just an attempt to redirect to the current page.

Reply 1208 2019-04-21 03:24:03 UTC

I find the idea very disturbing. The 'real science' may be the basis of a novel novel that might have been an interesting experiment to find out at this stage. But I don't want to give the impression that its being developed on paper. Is this a new concept? Or does the concept of the "space" be a new concept that has been developed all along? There are numerous interesting problems with that idea.

Reply 1122 2019-04-09 04:28:18 UTC

just look at me

Reply 1123 2019-04-09 07:01:59 UTC

did you see that?

Reply 1138 2019-04-12 21:49:16 UTC

just look and see

Reply 1215 2019-04-21 06:53:09 UTC


Reply 1176 2019-04-17 23:15:39 UTC

I like this.
It reminds me of back before everything was ironic and cynical.

Reply 1213 2019-04-21 06:40:41 UTC

Too meta for me.

Reply 1212 2019-04-21 06:15:41 UTC

looking for bf to shit down my throat

Reply 1205 2019-04-20 23:04:33 UTC

Why does ratwires have its onion address? And why does it have no v3 onion address?

Reply 1206 2019-04-20 23:54:21 UTC

Cos Ubuntu TOR generates V1 addresses atm

Reply 1198 2019-04-20 13:17:00 UTC

what's the redirect link to the secret CP stash?

Reply 1204 2019-04-20 20:47:21 UTC

Reply 1203 2019-04-20 18:00:58 UTC

Reply 1199 2019-04-20 16:04:15 UTC

mummy mummy i need my bing-bing-wahoos

Reply 1200 2019-04-20 16:10:20 UTC

bing-bing-wahoos mummy give me my bing-bing-wahoos

Reply 1187 2019-04-19 22:03:20 UTC

>tfw you can draw your own waifu

Reply 1196 2019-04-20 08:30:12 UTC

but you need skill

Reply 1164 2019-04-16 16:35:32 UTC

>be me
>shit myself

Reply 1170 2019-04-16 22:19:54 UTC

>shit yourself
>shit yourself

Reply 1195 2019-04-20 08:29:05 UTC

>Fuck yourself, choke yourself
>Useless information occupies every open space >inside your skull
>You know what's going on every day, every night
>Everywhere, swear you're so international
>Upside down cross on the Jumbotron
>Wait up, hold on
>Blowing anthrax off my palms
Say what, you're wrong

Reply 1179 2019-04-18 18:47:41 UTC

Mfw face when Three and London Underground Wifi now block Ratwires
Pretty cringe tbh

Reply 1193 2019-04-20 03:51:03 UTC

Urinate in the metro as a protest.

Reply 1192 2019-04-20 02:04:17 UTC

bump (does this work?)

Reply 1054 2019-03-31 10:25:01 UTC


Reply 1190 2019-04-19 23:28:39 UTC

ching chong

Reply 920 2019-03-15 19:41:18 UTC

No. Gtfo seriousposter.

Reply 1177 2019-04-18 01:55:23 UTC

at least uncle phil died a virtuous man. colorism wins again''!''

Reply 1178 2019-04-18 01:56:41 UTC

cucked by >>1101

Reply 998 2019-03-24 13:12:23 UTC

Bill Cosby fans unite

Reply 1174 2019-04-17 18:32:24 UTC


Reply 1173 2019-04-17 18:05:38 UTC

Reply 1009 2019-03-25 05:05:30 UTC


Reply 1172 2019-04-17 17:04:50 UTC


Reply 1171 2019-04-16 23:33:30 UTC

Cereal spearmint's lane

Reply 1162 2019-04-16 16:28:52 UTC

install gentoo

desu desu desu desu desu

Reply 1169 2019-04-16 22:16:22 UTC

Seven year art change! he claims he worked on a bicycle? can you just do the girl on the right, but with a throbbing erection waiting.

Reply 1156 2019-04-15 18:39:41 UTC

stone all women
win wars

Reply 1167 2019-04-16 18:49:55 UTC

competitive drug dealing to support charities

Reply 1166 2019-04-16 18:19:01 UTC

>be me 10
>find out about the "deep web" and drug dealing
>download tor
>install and open
>ancient computer's graphics processor fails as tor connects
>cry for an hour thinking that using tor broke the computer
kids are fucking stupid

Reply 1165 2019-04-16 16:48:24 UTC

who here /g/entooman?

Reply 993 2019-03-24 02:43:36 UTC

you haven't seen me, then lmoa

Reply 1163 2019-04-16 16:31:53 UTC

hahāhā pizģets bļeģ lol

Reply 997 2019-03-24 13:11:10 UTC

put ur pp in it

Reply 1161 2019-04-16 16:27:16 UTC


Reply 992 2019-03-24 01:19:50 UTC

Why is the exported config so retarded? It literally has stringified JSON inside inside XML inside JSON

Reply 1157 2019-04-15 20:30:33 UTC

Reply 1158 2019-04-15 20:31:03 UTC

Reply 988 2019-03-23 23:28:45 UTC

I'll hide you shake

Reply 1155 2019-04-15 17:05:13 UTC

<svg><script ?>alert(1)

Reply 961 2019-03-20 07:38:38 UTC


Reply 1154 2019-04-15 14:49:04 UTC


Reply 1151 2019-04-14 07:00:07 UTC

FACTS ONLY when you come through this door

Reply 1152 2019-04-14 11:00:07 UTC

2✈ + 2🏢 = 3🔻🏢

Reply 1153 2019-04-14 12:11:47 UTC

too plus too is free minus one dats larry quick mafs
every day mans on da clock
crash planez

Reply 1149 2019-04-14 04:11:08 UTC

we are rats

Reply 1150 2019-04-14 05:26:42 UTC


Reply 974 2019-03-21 22:08:48 UTC

Kill meh uwu

Reply 1141 2019-04-13 14:52:07 UTC

Ubuntu 6.04 mail-order CDs are going to be the currency once the society collapses.

Reply 1144 2019-04-13 17:02:07 UTC

I'm literally archiving everything now, 2020 will be the dawn of clown world

Reply 969 2019-03-20 23:58:01 UTC

I just drank yee juice

Reply 1143 2019-04-13 17:00:02 UTC

i have the horses in the back

Reply 965 2019-03-20 20:20:16 UTC

t. Michael Scott

Reply 942 2019-03-19 10:08:18 UTC


Reply 1134 2019-04-12 08:08:25 UTC

it's May 1997, the remaining survivors are creeping in

Reply 958 2019-03-19 20:27:09 UTC

The man is Terry A Davis, the brown thing is spurdo and the one with the two is Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) and Carl (from Jimmy Neutron)

Reply 950 2019-03-19 13:22:03 UTC


Reply 1126 2019-04-09 15:22:11 UTC

..and you can put them on the things you love

and give them to people you love
make art everyday.
DON'T smoke

Reply 1128 2019-04-09 17:12:06 UTC

No smonk

Reply 956 2019-03-19 18:17:54 UTC


Reply 945 2019-03-19 10:51:08 UTC

formatting helpください

Reply 1071 2019-04-02 10:11:43 UTC

Why is this site name ratwire?

Reply 1084 2019-04-02 18:21:31 UTC

One of my favorite bands is Rabbit Junk, I really like something about that name. So I wanted something that started with 'rabbit'.
Some sort of mix of Serial Experiments Lain (a la 'The Wired' and the idea of 'threads' (threads -> wires) I guess.

At that point I had 'rabbitwires', originally the domain was going to be '' but then I found out Spanish domains are kinda expensive.

So then I decided I wanted a '.space' domain cus that one seemed pretty cool, and a friend of mine used it for his site. So I had '', but I felt that was too long so I wondered what could take the place of 'rabbit'.

I settled on 'rat' because of the fact that rats have a habit of chewing on wires and it gives that sort of underground vibe. It also kept the 'ra' sound which I really liked.

Reply 1121 2019-04-09 02:40:18 UTC

are you happy with the culture that developed on this site?

Reply 1124 2019-04-09 07:18:05 UTC

I still feel like its developing, but yea it's turned out pretty comfi

Reply 1093 2019-04-04 01:21:04 UTC

thank you :)
( you are the owner? :D )

Reply 1097 2019-04-04 11:28:33 UTC

yes but don't tell anyone

Reply 1085 2019-04-02 18:43:03 UTC

"ratwires" seems almost self-explanatory, aligning with your story. it sounds almost rebellious in a quirky old internet manner.

as you said, "rabbitwires" doesn't sound too fluent and imo would almost give connotation with modern internetweb's furf..riend audience or \pol\'s esoteric 'finding' that 'follow the white rabbit' has become signaling phrase in pedo interest groups (that pizzagate thing is morbidly entertaining shit to look through, despite being questionable as it is)

Reply 1117 2019-04-08 14:11:06 UTC

This is the cyberpunk future my friends.

Reply 1118 2019-04-08 15:53:58 UTC

Things are strange here. Very very strange. ☯85AUG

Reply 1119 2019-04-08 19:30:46 UTC

85AUG looks like 8SAUG which looks like 8sausage

Reply 1120 2019-04-08 21:23:48 UTC

set up a different monospaced default font that doesn't have 5 looking like S in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf

like this:

Reply 948 2019-03-19 13:21:19 UTC


Reply 1112 2019-04-07 03:21:28 UTC


Reply 1113 2019-04-07 06:37:51 UTC

deprived anime kid body enthusiasts & trannies, mechanical keyboardists & other hyperconsumerism lyfestyle advocates, "doomers" & other /emo9kay/ self-indulgently sadomasochistic mental cage enthusiasts, (you) hoarders and den they call every other public platform other than imageboards bad for those same or similar traits wow just wow i'm fainting i should and need to go outside more how could this happen to mee

Reply 1114 2019-04-07 13:45:55 UTC

emo9k sounds rad

Reply 1115 2019-04-07 20:02:22 UTC

incelscene niggas ww@

Reply 1116 2019-04-07 23:43:42 UTC

More like inscene
We should make some lyrics

Reply 1104 2019-04-05 04:37:16 UTC

Ratmachine wont fit into single 1.44 inch floppy-diskette. What should I do?

Reply 1111 2019-04-06 09:41:09 UTC

Recoding only a link (proposal)

Reply 1110 2019-04-05 23:22:27 UTC

Compress it with over 9000 winrars

Reply 1105 2019-04-05 04:38:27 UTC

*1.44 Meg, as in Megan.

Reply 1107 2019-04-05 07:33:59 UTC

Of course

Reply 1106 2019-04-05 06:28:58 UTC

I can look at your hands and tell what your dick looks like.

Reply 1109 2019-04-05 16:33:28 UTC

get fukd, dumpster baby

Reply 1108 2019-04-05 14:26:13 UTC

original xioami

Reply 933 2019-03-18 20:23:41 UTC


Reply 1099 2019-04-04 17:56:31 UTC

Sorry, something went wrong.

Reply 1103 2019-04-04 20:42:38 UTC

cheeky check

Reply 1096 2019-04-04 11:27:58 UTC

guys i was eating a banana and it slipped out of my hand
this is not epic

Reply 1089 2019-04-03 14:56:30 UTC

Hello respectable individuals. I just finished making this new imageboard on TOR. I haven't named it yet, but it would be nice if you guys could tell me what you think. http://vs5eqpjze3yvnw22ry53iflaoyvdm5dvjbubfolfoud4geygfhopzoid.onion/

Reply 1092 2019-04-03 18:00:19 UTC

Do something a bit more interesting with the imageboard format, you've basically just made 8chan with cool CSS

Reply 880 2019-03-10 20:01:57 UTC

If your computer can render this you are gay

Reply 1091 2019-04-03 16:50:37 UTC

render gay voxel birds on computers

Reply 1088 2019-04-03 00:50:07 UTC

wtf is this true!

Reply 1075 2019-04-02 14:59:52 UTC


Reply 1082 2019-04-02 18:10:56 UTC


Reply 1072 2019-04-02 12:35:28 UTC

Make a YouTube channel where you give your opinionated life-advice and be a substitute-friend to NEETs!

Reply 1073 2019-04-02 13:15:33 UTC

that post wasn't very longtail-money of you. you need a novel synthesis like prank-react peppered with your life coaching heart-to-hearts. maybe call it 'but seriously folks' or 'closelining statememts', 'do as i say not as i doodoo'

Reply 1078 2019-04-02 17:55:42 UTC

It can include encouragement of some typical counterproductive NEET hobby/mental illness, such as GNU/Linux, hoarding retro computing hardware or playing lots of old video-games, fueled by feel-good feedback loop mechanism where viewer in almost every video and comments receives humor and positive affirmation that his hermit hobby, based on his inadequacies, is in fact a very good and important thing, even on some sort of ideological level. Then it's time for those Patreon bucks, sponsors and shilling.

Ok, I'm shitting on people invested in hobbies now, this is not funny.

Reply 1077 2019-04-02 17:46:16 UTC

Keming is my passion

Reply 1074 2019-04-02 13:25:13 UTC

So who's excited for the new avengers?

Reply 1076 2019-04-02 17:19:49 UTC


Reply 903 2019-03-12 20:54:08 UTC

Nah I just don't have anything to replace it with

Reply 907 2019-03-13 17:53:47 UTC

Sorry anon, not quite what I'm looking for

Reply 1059 2019-03-31 19:31:00 UTC

nuck figgers

Reply 1068 2019-04-01 17:31:23 UTC

As a figger I am extremely offended

Reply 1060 2019-03-31 22:37:55 UTC

i'll knuck fig dat bussy

Reply 902 2019-03-12 20:53:24 UTC

Thx fam

Reply 1063 2019-04-01 11:00:39 UTC

how is this board so popular?
check em

Reply 1066 2019-04-01 17:29:43 UTC

Dank memes

Reply 890 2019-03-11 23:05:30 UTC

Damn dude this post made my dick hard, why'd you do that?

Reply 968 2019-03-20 22:53:39 UTC

>tfw banned from ratwires
feels bad man

Reply 977 2019-03-22 08:58:41 UTC

doode that sucks

Reply 981 2019-03-22 20:45:41 UTC


Reply 982 2019-03-23 01:50:11 UTC

faaawk dooode I'm so high right neow

Reply 986 2019-03-23 19:07:57 UTC

stop molesting the ceiling

Reply 1033 2019-03-27 12:51:02 UTC

akshchually I wasn't memeing, I can't connect an have to post throught proxy
also why the fuck this page lags like hell since like february wtf guise

Reply 1056 2019-03-31 12:52:36 UTC

Probably has something to do with all the shaking and flashing text.

Reply 1034 2019-03-27 13:47:36 UTC

Email me your IP I might've thought you were a pentest bot:

I'll look into the lag.

Reply 1047 2019-03-30 07:32:47 UTC

Feet are hot who agrees

Reply 1050 2019-03-30 19:45:07 UTC

little feets with high arches

Reply 1052 2019-03-31 01:30:34 UTC

Oooh and soft, unblemished soles

Reply 1048 2019-03-30 08:34:43 UTC


Reply 881 2019-03-10 23:05:02 UTC

It happened

Reply 1044 2019-03-29 23:44:39 UTC

smoke crack

Reply 1045 2019-03-29 23:49:04 UTC


Reply 879 2019-03-10 17:03:02 UTC

Only one way to find out

Reply 1029 2019-03-27 01:50:32 UTC

>tfw no big titty ayy lmao goth wife

Reply 1036 2019-03-28 03:17:13 UTC

lelkin love

Reply 1040 2019-03-29 04:56:15 UTC

seven hundo my foot

Reply 1035 2019-03-27 13:48:17 UTC

i didn't know i wanted this

Reply 1037 2019-03-28 22:23:43 UTC

Why does the colors change after making a post?
The before purple is better than the after purple!

Reply 1038 2019-03-28 22:27:34 UTC

So you know what you're replying to cus people kept replying to the wrong things

Reply 1032 2019-03-27 10:52:14 UTC

lole if only this was big then we could stop racism!

Reply 1031 2019-03-27 10:49:56 UTC

what the frick i keep geeting a n erroe when i try to reply to igugers on this mobile app haha cna uuhf janniens do sm oething about this s looolllll brb g0oigoj go ra awp e this cuuutee lolliii who jsut wallekd past my palce of residence

Reply 1030 2019-03-27 04:12:32 UTC

How about bitmessage?

Reply 1005 2019-03-24 23:38:14 UTC


Reply 1028 2019-03-26 23:21:04 UTC


Reply 1027 2019-03-26 19:49:30 UTC

Article 13 just passed, made a bunker over on Overchan.

Also reminder that this board stays alive so long as the Bitcoin wallet at the top has money so if I commit suicide this site can keep going in theory.

Reply 1019 2019-03-25 18:22:19 UTC

Reply 1021 2019-03-25 20:16:47 UTC

Corrupt file

Reply 1020 2019-03-25 18:56:07 UTC

i think ur tts needs a lil work